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An Enhanced Time Delay Observer for Nonlinear Systems

Suk Ho Park/Pyung Hun Chang
Transaction on Control Automation, and Systems Engineering, vol. 2, no. 3, pp.149-157, 2000

Abstract : Time delay observer (TDO), thanks to the time delay control (TDC) concept, requires little knowledge of a plant model, and hence is easy to design, robust to parameter variation and computationally efficient, yet can reconstruct states rather reliable for nonlinear plant. In this paper, we propose an improved version of TDO that solves two problems inherent in TDO as follows: TDO displays large reconstruction errors due to low-frequency uncertainty and has some restrictions on selecting its gains. By introducing a low pass filter and a state associated with it, we obtain an enhanced time delay observer (ETDO). This observer turns out to have smaller reconstruction errors than those of TDO and not to have any restriction on selecting its gains, thereby solving the problems. Through performance comparison by transfer function and simulation, we validate the analysis results of two observers (TDO and ETDO) and evaluate the performances. Finally, through experiments on BLDC motor system, the analysis results are clearly confirmed.

Keyword : observer, s tate estimation, time delay observer

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