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Robust H∞ FIR Sampled-Data Filtering for Uncertain Time-Varying Systmes with Lipschitz Nonlinearity

Hee Seob Ryu/Kyung Sang Yoo/Oh Kyu Kwon
Transaction on Control Automation, and Systems Engineering, vol. 2, no. 4, pp.255-261, 2000

Abstract : This paper presents the results of the robust FIR ltering for a clas of nonlinear continuous time-varying systems subject torealnorm-bounded parameter uncer tainty and known Lipsch it znonlin earity under sampled measure ments. Weaddres the problem of designing lters,using sampled measurements,which guaran teaprescribed 1 performance in continuoustime-varying context,irespective of the parameterun certaint yandun known initial states.The in nitehorizoncausalH1 FIRlterareinvestigated using the nitemovinghorizon in term soft wo Ricatiequation swith nited iscretejumps.

Keyword : Keywords: H1 FIRlter,Lipschitznonlinearity,time-varyingsystem,sampled-measurements

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