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Output Feedback Fuzzy H∞ Control of Nonliner Systems with Time-Varying Delayed State

Kap Rai Lee
Transaction on Control Automation, and Systems Engineering, vol. 2, no. 4, pp.248-254, 2000

Abstract : This paper present san out put fedback fuzy control problem for acla so fnonl i near systems with time-varying delayed state. The Takagi-Sugeno fuzy model isemployed to represen tanonl i near systems witht ime-varying delayed state. Using as ingle quadraticLyapunov function,the global yexponentialstability and disturan ceatenuation of the closed-loop fuzy control system are discused. Sufcient conditions for the existence of fuzy H1 controlers are given in terms of matrix inequalities. Constructive algorithm for design of fuzy H1 controler is also developed. A simulation example is given to ilustrate the performance of the proposed design method.

Keyword : Non linear systems,time delay systems,output fedback,fuzy control,line armatrixinequality

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