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Exponential Stability of the PDAF with a Modified Riccati Equation in a Cluttered Environment

Yong-Shik Kim/Keum Shik Hong
Transaction on Control Automation, and Systems Engineering, vol. 2, no. 4, pp.235-243, 2000

Abstract : The advanced bilateral control algorithm, which can enlarge a reflected force by combining force reflection and compliance control, greatly enhances workability in teleoperation. In this scheme the maximum boundaries of a compliance controller and a force reflection gain guaranteeing stability and good task performance greatly depend upon characteristics of a slave arm, a master arm, and an environment. These characteristics, however, are generally unknown in teleoperation. It is, therefore, very difficult to determine such maximum boundary of the gain. The paper presented a novel method for design of an advanced bilateral controller. The factors affecting task performance and stability in the advanced bilateral controller were analyzed and a design guideline was presented. The neurofuzzy compliance model (NFCM)-based bilateral control proposed herein is an algorithm designed to automa tically determine the suitable compliance for a given task or environment. The NFCM, composed of a fuzzy logic controller (FLC) and a rule -learning mechanism, is used as a compliance controller. The FLC generates compliant motions according to contact forces. The rule-learning mechanism, which is based upon the reinforcement learning algorithm, trains the rule-base of the FLC until the given task is done successfully. Since the scheme allows the use of large force reflection gain, it can assure good task performance. Moreover, the scheme does not require any priori knowledge on a slave arm dynamics, a slave arm controller and an environment, and thus, it can be easily applied to the control of any telerobot systems. Through a series of experiments effectiveness of the proposed algorithm has been verified.

Keyword : neurofuzzy, telerobot, bilateral, force refle ction, compliance

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