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Nonlinear Disturbance Observer based Robust Attitude Tracking Controller for Quadrotor UAVs

Kooksun Lee, Juhoon Back*, and Ick Choy
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 12, no. 6, pp.1266-1275, 2014

Abstract : This paper presents a robust attitude tracking controller for quadrotors based on the nonlinear disturbance observer, which has been developed recently. The structural condition on the input gain matrix, which is not easy to check, is removed by factorizing it into two parts and modifying the dis-turbance observer structure. A constructive design procedure is provided and it is shown that the pro-posed controller recovers the performance of the nominal closed-loop system in the whole time hori-zon under parameter uncertainties and disturbance torques. The results are validated through simula-tions and compared with the feedback linearization design.

Keyword : Attitude controller, disturbance observer, quadrotor, robust control.

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