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Estimation of a Mass Unbalance Under the Vraack on the Rotating Shaft

Rai Wung Park
Transaction on Control Automation, and Systems Engineering, vol. 2, no. 4, pp.228-234, 2000

Abstract : The aim of this work is to present anew method of estimating theex is tenceofamasunbal anceand masunbal an ceunder a crack on a rotating shaft. This is an advanced new method for the detection of a mas unbalance and a new way to estimate the position of it under crack inuence. As the rst step, the shaft is physicaly modeled with a nite element method and the dynamic mathematical model is derived by using the Hamilton principle; thus, the system is represented by various subsystems. The equation of motion of the shaft with amasunbal ance and acrackarees tabl ished by adapting the local masunba lanceand the stifnes change. This is a reference system for the given system. Based on a model for transient behavior induced from vabrations measured at the bearings, an elementary Estimator is designed to detect mas unbalance on the shaft. Using the Estimator, a bank of the Estimator is establ ished toestimate the position of the masunbal an ceandar anged atacer tainlocation on the shaft. The in for mations for thegiven system are the measurement sofbearing displacements and velocity.

Keyword : dynamicbehavior,masunbalance,estimator,abankofestimator,positionofmasunbalance

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