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A Rational Approximate Method to Fractional Order Systems

Yiheng Wei, Qing Gao, Cheng Peng, and Yong Wang*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 12, no. 6, pp.1180-1186, 2014

Abstract : This paper presents an approximate method for general fractional order dynamic systems. Firstly, a novel piecewise approximate method is proposed for fractional order integrator based on its frequency distributed mode. Based on the above method, an integer order approximation system is constructed to approximate a fractional order system. Theoretical analysis results show that the proposed method can achieve much better performance than the existing schemes for a given order in an interested frequency range. The advantage of the proposed method lies in that the resulting system are standard integer order system, which facilitates systematic stability analysis and controller synthesis in view of the well-developed linear or nonlinear system theory. Numerical simulations are presented to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach in the end.

Keyword : Analysis and control design, approximation, fractional order systems, frequency distributed models.

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