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Control of Two-Link Manipulator Via Feedbavk Linearization and Constrained Model Based Predictive Control

Won Kee Son/Jin Young Choi/Hee Seob Ryu/Oh Kyu Kwon
Transaction on Control Automation, and Systems Engineering, vol. 2, no. 4, pp.221-227, 2000

Abstract : This paper combines the const rained model pred ictive control with the fedback linearizationtosolveanonl i near system on trol problem with input constraints. The combined approachcons ist soft wosteps: Firstly,then on l inearmodel is linear izedby the fedback linearization. Secondly,based on the linearized model,the constrained model predictivecontrolerisde signed taking in put const raints in to consideration.The proposed control erisapplied to two link robot system, and tracking per formance soft hecontroler are in vestigatedv iasomesi mulations,where the comparison saredone for the case so funcons trained,const rained input in fedback linearization.

Keyword : Constrained model based predictive control,fedback linearization, two linkrobot manipulator,constraint shandling

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