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Output-Feedback Adaptive Control for the Global Regulation of Robot Manipulators with Bounded Inputs

Daniela J. López-Araujo, Arturo Zavala-Río*, Víctor Santibáñez, and Fernando Reyes
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 11, no. 1, pp.105-115, 2013

Abstract : In this paper, an output-feedback adaptive scheme for the global position stabilization of robot manipulators with bounded inputs is proposed. Compared to the previous output-feedback adap-tive approaches developed in a bounded-input context, the proposed free-of-velocity feedback control-ler guarantees the adaptive regulation objective: globally, avoiding discontinuities throughout the scheme, preventing the inputs to reach their natural saturation bounds, and imposing no saturation- avoidance restriction on the control gains. Moreover, the developed scheme is not restricted to the use of a specific saturation function to achieve the required boundedness, but may involve any one within a set of smooth and non-smooth (Lipschitz-continuous) bounded passive functions that include the hy-perbolic tangent and the conventional saturation as particular cases. Experimental results corroborate the efficiency of the proposed scheme.

Keyword : Adaptive control, bounded inputs, global regulation, output feedback, robot manipulators.

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