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Command Shaping Control for Limiting the Transient Sway Angle of Crane Systems

Kyung-Tae Hong/Chang-Do Huh/Keum-Shik Hong
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 1, no. 1, pp.43-53, 2003

Abstract : A modified command shaping control to reduce residual vibrations at a target position and to limit the sway angle of the payload during traveling for container crane systems is investigated. When the maneuvering time is minimized, a large transient amplitude and steady state oscillations may occur inherently. Since a large swing of the payload during the transfer is dan-gerous, the control objective is to transfer a payload to the desired place as quickly as possible while limiting the swing angle of the payload during the transfer. The conventional shapers have been enhanced by adding one more constraint to limit intermediate sway angles of the payload. The developed method is shown to be more effective than other conventional shapers for prevention of an excessive transient sway. Computer simulation results are provided.

Keyword : Crane system, command shaping control, feedforward control, time-optimal control, residual vibration, robustness

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