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An Automatic Control System of the Blood Pressure of Patients Under Surgical Operation

Eiko Furutani, Mituhiko Araki, Shugen Kan, Tun Aung, Hisashi Onodera, Masayuki Imamura, Gotaro Shirakami, and Shunzo Maetani
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 2, no. 1, pp.39-54, 2004

Abstract : We developed an automatic blood pressure control system to maintain the blood pressure of patients at a substantially low level during a surgical operation. The developed system discharges two functions, continuous feedback control of the mean arterial pressure (MAP) by a state-predictive servo controller and risk control based on the inference by fuzzy-like logics and rules using measured data. Twenty-eight clinical applications were made beginning in November 1995, and the effects of the automatic blood pressure control on the operation time and on bleeding were assessed affirmatively by means of Wilcoxon testing. This paper essentially reports the engineering details of the control system.

Keyword : Blood pressure control, clinical application, hypotensive anesthesia, risk control, state-predictive servo system

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