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Un-symmetric Input Temperature Control by using Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller with Gain Auto-tuning

Shiuh-Jer Huang and Hung-Yi Chen*
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 12, no. 2, pp.422-430, 2014

Abstract : In order to obtain the desired product quality, temperature is an important control parameter in chemical and semiconductor manufacturing processes. Generally, the temperature control system has nonlinear time-varying, slow response speed, time-delay and un-symmetric control input dynamic characteristics. It is difficult to accurately establish the dynamic model for designing a general purpose temperature controller to achieve good control performance. Here a model-free fuzzy sliding mode control strategy is employed to design an intelligent temperature controller with gain-scheduling scheme or gain auto-tuning algorithm for a closed chamber with heater one-way input only. The con-cept of gain scheduling is employed to adjust the mapping ranges of the input and output fuzzy mem-bership functions during the control process for improving the transient and steady-state control per-formances. The experimental results show that the steady state error of the step input response is al-ways less than 0.2oC without overshoot by using this intelligent control schemes. It is suitable for in-dustrial temperature control systems.

Keyword : Adaptive fuzzy sliding control, gain scheduling, temperature control and one-way un-symmetric input.

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