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Fuzzy Relation-Based Fuzzy Neural-Networks Using a Hybrid Identification Algorithm

Ho-Sung Park and Sung-Kwun Oh
International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol. 1, no. 3, pp.289-300, 2003

Abstract : In this paper, we introduce an identification method in Fuzzy Relation-based Fuzzy Neural Networks (FRFNN) through a hybrid identification algorithm. The proposed FRFNN modeling implement system structure and parameter identification in the efficient form of “If…, then…” statements, and exploit the theory of system optimization and fuzzy rules. The FRFNN modeling and identification environment realizes parameter identification through a synergistic usage of genetic optimization and complex search method. The hybrid identification algorithm is carried out by combining both genetic optimization and the improved complex method in order to guarantee both global optimization and local convergence. An aggregate objective function with a weighting factor is introduced to achieve a sound balance between approximation and generalization of the model. The proposed model is experimented with using two nonlinear data. The obtained experimental results reveal that the proposed networks exhibit high accuracy and generalization capabilities in comparison to other models.

Keyword : Fuzzy relation-based fuzzy neural networks, simplified and linear fuzzy inference,

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