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   Vol. 19, No. 1, January 2021
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The Scope of IJCAS
The journal covers three strongly re-
lated research areas including control, automation, and systems. This type of coverage is unique and it is the only journal covering these three areas combined in the world.

In the journal, some of the covered technical areas are
  1. Control Theory and Applications
  2. Robot and Applications
  3. Intelligent Control and Applications

Journal Readership
The backgrounds of the subscribers
to the journal are diverse including e-
lectrical, mechanical, chemical, aero-
space and aeronautic, industrial, and
control engineering. But, their main fo-
cuses are control and automation. Therefore, the journal provides a very strong synergy effect throughout the multidisciplinary research areas.

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  2020 Journal Impact Factor: 3.314 (Category: Automation & Control Systems - Q2) [2021-07-08]
  2019 Journal Impact Factor: 2.733 [2020-07-15]
  2018 Journal Impact Factor: 2.181 [2019-06-27]
  Special Issue on Marine Robotics and Control Systems (Submission of manuscripts: by August 15, 2019) [2019-03-25]

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Current Issue : Vol. 19, No. 12,  December 2021

ISSN : 1598-6446 (print)
ISSN : 2005-4092 (electronic)

Published by ICROS & KIEE
Distributed by Springer
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State-dependent Impulsive Control for Consensus of Multi-agent Systems
Yuan Tian and Chuandong Li*, vol.19, no.12, pp.3831-3842, December 2021 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Stabilization of Nonlinear Switched Systems with Distributed Time-delay: The Discrete-time Case
Chaochen Wang, Xiaoli Fang, Lifeng Ma*, Jie Zhang, and Yuming Bo, vol.19, no.12, pp.3843-3852, December 2021 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Energy Optimization on Wireless-networked Control Systems (W-NCSs) Using Linear Quadratic Gaussian (LQG)
Subchan Subchan, Zuhair Zuhair, Tahiyatul Asfihani, Dieky Adzkiya, and Seungkeun Kim*, vol.19, no.12, pp.3853-3861, December 2021 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Disturbance Compensation based Discrete-time Sliding Mode Control with a Reference Trajectory Generator
Chao Liu, Yangmin Li, Sukun Tian, and Haifeng Ma*, vol.19, no.12, pp.3862-3868, December 2021 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Flocking Dynamics for Coupled Systems Involving Symmetric and Asymmetric Interactions
Maoli Chen, Yicheng Liu*, and Xiao Wang, vol.19, no.12, pp.3869-3879, December 2021 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Mean Square Bipartite Consensus for Multi-agent Systems with Measurement Noises and Communication Time-delays
JingWang, Yong Peng, and Liya Dou*, vol.19, no.12, pp.3880-3889, December 2021 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Quantized Sliding Mode H ∞ Control for Singular Markovian Jump Systems with Sensor Failure and Randomly Changing Structure
Wei Zheng, Zhiming Zhang*, Hong-Bin Wang, and Ming-Quan Zhang, vol.19, no.12, pp.3890-3902, December 2021 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
A Novel Filtering Based Recursive Estimation Algorithm for Box-Jenkins Systems
Xuehai Wang* and Fang Zhu, vol.19, no.12, pp.3903-3913, December 2021 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Expectation Maximization Algorithm for Time-delay Output-error Models Based on Finite Impulse Response Method
Yan Pu, Yongqing Yang, Yingjiao Rong, and Jing Chen*, vol.19, no.12, pp.3914-3923, December 2021 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Back-stepping Fault-tolerant Control for Morphing Aircraft Based on Fixed-time Observer
Xiaohui Liang*, Qing Wang, Bin Xu, and Chaoyang Dong, vol.19, no.12, pp.3924-3936, December 2021 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Bipedal Walking and Impact Reduction Algorithm for a Robot with Pneumatically Driven Knees
Donghyun Kim, Yun-Pyo Hong, and Kyung-Soo Kim*, vol.19, no.12, pp.3937-3946, December 2021 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
A Time-optimal Trajectory Generation Approach with Non-uniform B-splines
Thanh Phan-Huu*, Vo Hoang Nguyen, and Ulrich Konigorski, vol.19, no.12, pp.3947-3955, December 2021 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Simple Robust PID Tuning for Magnetic Levitation Systems Using Model-free Control and H∞ Control Strategies
Addy Wahyudie*, Tri Bagus Susilo, Cuk Supriyadi Ali Nandar, Sameer Fayez, and Rachid Errouissi, vol.19, no.12, pp.3956-3966, December 2021 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Nonlinear Anti-swing Control of Underactuated Tower Crane Based on Improved Energy Function
Huaitao Shi, Jianqi Huang, Xiaotian Bai*, Xiang Huang, and Jie Sun, vol.19, no.12, pp.3967-3982, December 2021 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
An Adaptive Fault-tolerant Control Method for Robot Manipulators
Wenjie Zhang, Xiaohui Yang*, Zhenghong Xu, Wei Zhang, Li Yang, and Xiaoping Liu, vol.19, no.12, pp.3983-3995, December 2021 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Connectivity-preserving-based Distributed Synchronized Tracking of Networked Uncertain Underactuated Surface Vessels with Actuator Failures and Unknown Control Directions
Yujing Xu, Chaoli Wang*, Gang Wang, Xuan Cai, Luyan Xu, and Chonglin Jing, vol.19, no.12, pp.3996-4009, December 2021 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Characteristic Model-based Adaptive Fault Tolerant Control for Four-motor Synchronization Systems Considering Actuator Failure
Yang Gao, Jiali Ma, Qingwei Chen, and Yifei Wu*, vol.19, no.12, pp.4010-4024, December 2021 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Real-time RLS-based Joint Model Identification and State Observer Design for Robot Manipulators: Experimental Studies
Sang-Deok Lee and Seul Jung*, vol.19, no.12, pp.4025-4033, December 2021 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Multi-objective Seamless Self-scheduling Controller Design for Heavy Commercial Vehicle Lateral Automation: An LPV/H¥ Approach
Yulong Liu, Tao Xu, Yahui Liu, and Xuewu Ji*, vol.19, no.12, pp.4034-4045, December 2021 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Global Path Following Control for the Planar Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft
Jie Wang and Baoli Ma*, vol.19, no.12, pp.4046-4055, December 2021 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Adaptive Fuzzy Event-triggered Control for a Class of Switched Nonlinear Systems with Dead Zone Nonlinearity
Ruitong Wu, Kunting Yu, Yongming Li*, and Wei Liu, vol.19, no.12, pp.4056-4066, December 2021 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Neural Network Based Adaptive Dynamic Surface Control for Omnidirectional Mobile Robots Tracking Control with Full-state Constraints and Input Saturation
Changshun Wang, Dan Wang*, and Yaozhen Han, vol.19, no.12, pp.4067-4077, December 2021 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]
Adaptive Tracking Control of a Class of Nonlinear Systems with Input Delay and Dynamic Uncertainties Using Multi-dimensional Taylor Network
Yu-Qun Han, Wen-Jing He, Na Li, and Shan-Liang Zhu*, vol.19, no.12, pp.4078-4089, December 2021 [Abstract] [PDF full-text]

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